Check out the newest video from Common Future, “China Lake” from the Vague Borders EP


So the other day Daniel Bellury was like “Hey, I’m gonna put out this EP called Vague Borders.” And we were all “Whaaat?” And he was like “Yea, and I’m gonna call the project Common Future.” And we were all “Whoa, we need to ask questions.”

Q. Where did the name Common Future come from?

At my wedding we had a lot of my wife’s German relatives coming up to us and wishing us well in broken English. Her Uncle Rudolf at one point came up to us and said “Congratulations on your common future”. Lily and I talked about that later on and thought it was such a cool thing to say. When we went through all the presents and cards we found he’d actually written that phrase in the card. At that point I said Common Future should be a band name. Then I did it.

Q. What was on your mind as you started the project and recording?

I had just left two bands in a matter of months so the only thing on my mind was making something that was fully my own. I didn’t want to answer to bandmates. I wanted to explore my own head.

Q. How did you record and what instruments did you use during recording? What was the most fun?

As a guitarist/bassist in bands, I have collected a lot of guitar effects pedals. Basically I took my two synths, a sequencer, guitars and bass and just ran everything through an assload of pedals. On “Impulses” in particular I decided to experiment with running every instrument through a tremolo pedal and I’d have to vary the speed of the tremolo just to see if I could make something that wasn’t absolute chaos. 

Everything about making this was fun for me. I did it all in my apartment. Every time I recorded, my room would transform into this chaotic web of wires. It’s definitely interesting how space influences the product, because I had to sit on the floor a lot and my ass would get tired from the hardwood, but it also felt very meditative to me to sit and concentrate on one particular sound at a time. I think that idea of meditation comes through in the repetitive nature of the music.

Q. How would you describe the ethos behind the project?

I don’t know if there’s a clear cut ethos for Common Future as a project. I think that each recording will probably take on a different ideology. Like, I’m not convinced that it’ll always be a solo project, but for now it is. I don’t know if it’ll always be instrumental, but right now it is. So maybe the ethos is just to be open to change and let the music dictate the direction.


From the initial moments of Daniel Bellury’s debut work as Common Future, a journey can be heard. Inspired by the work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang, Vague Borders reflects upon the process of transformation and growth with synthesizers, guitars and a peaceful heart. Loops fold over one another like waves on opener “Colder than It Looks”. Tones sneak in and out. The music points towards a metamorphosis that’s always happening. Second track, “Impulses” marches to a stately rhythm, punctuated by brassy synths and warped guitars. It’s the perfect song to welcome home a mythical king from future battle in faraway space. It’s that kind of majestic. “China Lake” is sinister from the start. Buzzing with menace, here we’re introduced to Bellury’s smart, economic use of percussion. Vague Borders concludes with “Climbing the Temple”, a fitting title. We can hear the protagonist of this potent EP running for what must be his life to the top. What does he find there? The prize? The villain? By it’s end, it sounds as if he finds what he always knew. The journey goes on. 

Click here to download Vague Borders or to order your limited edition cassette tape from Whaleheart Records.


Hey gang,

The wait is over. Available for download is the Atlanta based dreamers’, Lille, new track “Microcosmic Slumber”! This celestial lullaby is the first of many new songs you’ll be hearing from Lille in the near future. After the success of Tall Shoulders (the band’s debut EP) and a slew of shows, front woman Grace Bellury took some time to write and re-assess the project. Deciding against a full length album, Grace has opted to give songs away as they are completed.

Microcosmic Slumber is a huge step forward for Lille. Fans of Tall Shoulders will instantly recognize the delicate pluckings of the ukelele paired with Grace’s angelic and soulful voice, however the track’s atmospheric bleeps and escalating drones show a new spirit of experimentation. 

Click here to download Microcosmic Slumber and get pumped! There’s a lot of new music to look forward to. 

Check out Elbowstrike’s first offering, Dubmaster! Skittering beats slither around an evil mutant melody forming a chimera of energy and sound. Or an opera of martial arts and disproportionate love! No, an assault that reminds us pain is a fact, suffering is an option and karate is for defense only. 


Source: SoundCloud / Elbowstrike


Duchess Leo’s Todd Buchler is back with a new project called Elbowstrike! From the sound of it, we find Mr. Buchler in comfortable territory returning to the dub and jungle sounds that started his producing career. Visit Elbowstrike’s soundcloud here and download Dubmaster!

Sick new jungle drum and bass from long time duo Todd Buckler (of Duchess Leo) and Josiah Scribes. They’ll be releasing tracks as BUCKLERANDSCRIBES and this is just the first of many. Special thanks from Todd and Joe to Carlos Castillo and Mike Letourneau for their time and guidance. 

Source: SoundCloud / Buckler&Scribes


We’re proud to bring you the new release from Little Horn and Whale Heart, Boards and Colors. While hard at work on their follow up LP, Little Horn has decided to offer here the remaining tracks from the Twelve sessions, their lauded sophomore release.  ”Cheyenne” starts Boards and Colors in a lovely and familiar fashion. Just Keith and his guitar, it recalls the first Little Horn album, Such Pretty Houses.  ”Cheyenne” is followed by the heroic bombast of “Array of Colors”, the instrumental throw down of “Trestleboards” and the majestic “After Darkness Light”. This release closes a chapter for the band as they continue to play shows, develop and record new material. Download it, (name your price) enjoy it and be sure to catch Little Horn at their show in Atlanta on March 9th!



Fallen Arrows is a direct to garment printing company in Atlanta, Old Try is a Southern printing company based in Boston and together they are a powerhouse of combined skill in a specialized field. Come meet these fine gentlemen at their party in ATL Friday, March 9. The reverie commences with Little Horn and Muleskinner McQueen providing musical accompaniment. See you there!

A new video Dan did with Le Cargo while in Paris. This time it’s Nothing Shines, a song that the band has made available for free here. It would have been overlooked that day had it not been for the insistence of their friend, Fanny. 

Dan from Duchess Leo was visiting Paris in October and did a few videos with Le Cargo. He’s joined here for With Love by the enchanted choir of Maylis, Marielle and Fanny. Duchess Leo are currently recording and will be releasing new material in 2012.

C’est magnifique!

MIKE SNIPER: An Indie Label in 2012.

This is something that’s been on my mind as well, very eloquently stated by Captured Tracks main man, Mike Sniper. Fostering artists is the primary job of a label and too few labels are doing that in this day in age. Click below to read the whole thing.


I posted a recent Facebook comment regarding our policies with signing artists and found myself getting into a discussion of what the role of an independent label is in 2012, something I’ve often been asked about in interviews but have never really been able to elaborate on.

Source: mikesniper

Come mellow out, then  once you are warmed up, Little Horn will rock you. You don’t want to miss the newest Little Horn members  on keys and trumpet either. A great night of homegrown ATL artists.  Show the love. 
Doors at 9pm$5
The Meeks Family
Little Horn

Come mellow out, then once you are warmed up, Little Horn will rock you. You don’t want to miss the newest Little Horn members on keys and trumpet either. A great night of homegrown ATL artists. Show the love. 

Doors at 9pm


The Meeks Family

Little Horn

(via rexmorgan)

Source: littlehorn


Available for the next few days is GOLDEN GRAY: THE DELUXE EDITION on for the low price of $4. Groopease offers music by independent artists at deeply discounted rates for limited amounts of time. They offer a free track for download, (“Your Sweet Love” in Duchess Leo’s case) band videos, reviews, editorials and other great stuff as a fun and inexpensive way of discovering great new artists. And the best part, a portion of every sale goes to charity. 

The Deluxe Edition of Golden Gray features the original album, These For Those: Volume 1 and These For Those: Volume 2. A total of 20 tracks available for the price of $4. Click here to be awesome. 


Little Horn is making a fuss at The Earl next Thursday, December 15th. The band have been tearing it up live showcasing new material and breathing new life and vision into the old. They’ll be there with fellow mythical creatures EVP and Takenobu. Props to Andrew Bellury for another winning poster.